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Glass strength is expected to continue
Author: admin   Source: unknown   Release Date: 2017-03-22 14:03:41

Glass and stone curtain walls are becoming more and more widely used as new building materials. However, as the use of years increases, many security problems are gradually exposed. The major security issues and related responsibilities and insurance issues that have been faced for years at home and abroad...

Common problems of tempered glass

When tempered glass is broken, the pieces break into even small particles and have no universal glass knife sharp corners, thus being called safety glass and {TodayHot} is widely used in automobile and interior decoration. Not easily broken, broken after the formation of the debris is very small, and the edges smooth, not hurt, automotive safety glass is toughened glass, toughened glass is glass, because it is broken after a small particles obtuse Angle, not and didn't cause too great harm to human body, so it is safe glass. The specific requirement is that the number of fragments in the range of 50 * 50mm after the broken glass should be greater than 40, but if more than 60 are generally not qualified.

Sharp shards threaten the safety of the human body and property. In addition, if the tape stick to the brink of toughened glass, the glass will not disperse after crushing Is a kind of common plate glass or float glass, the quenching method or air cooling quenching method processing; The other is to pass the common plate glass or float method glass through the ion exchange method, the glass surface composition changes, make the glass surface form a layer of stress layer processing and processing. Through the process of heat treatment, the glass has good mechanical properties, the broken pieces meet the safety requirements of glass products called toughened glass. The toughened glass looks no different from ordinary glass, unless the glass is broken, but how to identify the two under the integrity of the glass?

At present in the industry to identify toughened glass and common glass depend mainly on listen to, that is on the glass with the hand, if the thrum clear glass, the glass is tempered glass, the opposite is common glass. Heat the regular glass in an electric stove, soften it, and then cool it quickly to get the tempered glass. Mechanical strength is 4-6 times larger than ordinary glass, not easily broken. There are no sharp edges when broken. The glass used in the production of toughened glass shall meet the requirements of the corresponding product standards. For special requirements, glass is used to produce toughened glass, and the quality of glass is determined by both supply and demand. Tempered glass is a float glass that has been tempered by chemical or physical methods. The highlighted points are resistance to impact and elasticity by six times, and then easily fatigue.

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