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Enterprise vision

It's time to set sail
We have departure, but we always remind ourselves that we are still on the road.

Qingdao Glorious Future Energy-Saving Glass Co., Ltd is committed to energy-saving glass development, production and selling. After hard study and trained skills, our equipment, research & development ability, marketing network have obtained typical characteristics with excellent traditional and innovative products.

A large LOW-E coating glass production line which consists of Germany LEYBOLD, BENTELER, HUETTINGER, France ALCATEL, Switzerland INFICON and other components, annual output over 3,000,000 square meters. Unique large plate production capability can process 7.5 meters glass, processing variety of colors, stable quality and high degree of automation. Swiss BYSTRONIC automatic insulating glass production line, online filling inert gas such as argon and krypton, automatic sealing irregular glass, triple insulating glass. Forced convection heating laminated glass production line ensure the highest level production rate and rolling quality. Advanced silk screen production line printing a variety of colors and patterns on the glass, to achieve the perfect fusion of art and industry. There are 3 sets flat and bending glass tempered furnace in workshop, Finland GLASTON dual-chamber convection furnace to temper triple silver Low-E glass with max 0.1mm warp, uniform fragments and no stress spot, to solve the traditional quality control problem. Heat soaked test equipment reduce the rate of glass self-explosion fully meet the urgent market needs.

We insist open and pragmatic concept, attracting a large number of management and technical talents, via technological upgrading, management improving to crack enterprise development problems and contradictions. Always aim at the forefront of the industry, focusing on product development and technology upgrading.

The company has obtained a national high-tech enterprise certification, research and development off-line Low-E glass without remove coating, high performance double silver Low-E glass, solar energy substrate glass, laminated safety glass which exported to Europe and America, locomotive shielding door glass, high-performance low-E coated glass for high-speed rail locomotive, high-end architectural glass.

We will be the leading company on behalf of China glass industry, "be reliable energy-saving glass supplier" as a solemn commitment to customers; “sincere to others, deal with moral “as a creed. With the industry most famous float glass, raw and auxiliary materials, strict production control, Glorious Future only manufacture quality goods.

Myriad of lights, Glorious Future be trustworthy.

Reliable Engineering Glass Supplier – Glorious Future.