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  • From Germany, Austria, Finland and other countries to introduce the international advanced glass processing equipment, committed to the production of green, low-carbon, energy-saving, environmental protection of the new generation of low-radiation coating energy-saving glass.
  • Established Qingdao city (special glass) quality testing center site for our company, plan 2015 investment construction in June 2016 formally put into operation
  • he company has actively declared the development plan of enterprise r&d center carried out by Qingdao science and technology bureau, and has passed the preliminary examination
  • Qingdao jinembroidery future energy saving glass co., LTD. Was established
  • Bright future development of bright future
  • Through ISO9001 quality management system certification, 3C certification, energy-saving product certification, etc
  • The total assets of the company are 110.57 million yuan
    The sales revenue was 112.5 million yuan
    The ratio of assets to assets was 40.53%